My download email hasn't arrived

Sometimes download emails go missing. Before you get in touch, here are a few steps you can try.

1: Check any alternative email addresses. If you use Paypal we'll automatically mail your Paypal address, which is not always the address you use day-to-day.

2: Check inside your spam folder. If the email is spammed, make sure to click "not spam" so future emails arrive safely.

If you still can't find the email, contact support!


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    Guillermo Carballo

    Hello, I Only found one link thant brings me here, i cannot download the akai apc 40 mk2 step sequencer, I tried 2 different e-mails.

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    Karl Ndebele

    Hey I bought the APC40 Mk2 pro template earlier this year but I'm experiencing a few problems with it. I think I messed up the template by fooling around with it too much. So I'm trying to re-download a fresh template but I cant seem to find the download email anywhere. I sent a paypal message too, just to show proof of payment, There was nothing wrong with it when I first received it.

    Thank You

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