The script isn't working when selected in Ableton

Sometimes when you select the script in Live, it doesn't work. The red box might not appear, or the functionality may be partially missing. If this happens to you, don't stress!

The problem is usually an outdated version of Live. You must make sure you're running the latest version, which can be downloaded from

Once you've updated Live, reinstall the script and try again!


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    Riley Boughton

    my metronome and vu meter lights don't work?

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    Hello Will. Can you help me please. I download for your page APC40 MkII Drum Sequencer. Install but Ableton doesn't see Sequencer

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     i purchased the apc40 pro template.

    absolutely not work. Please Help me!

    System: Win10 64bit ableton live 9.6.1

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    Hey Will, 

    it´s not about the update. I run 9.7.1 and the script isn´t working.

    Any ideas? Really appreciate it.


    Many thanks and regards


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    the script is not showing up!! please do not auto reply again.  thanks. best regards

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