DJ Template MkII 1.04

This update:

  • Fixed an issue with the volume meters
  • Fixed an issue with the stepper
  • Fixed an issue with the repeats


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    I just recently updated to 1.04 and am having serious issues. Whenever i upload a clip or select a new track the top pans reset and the track essentially drops out. I know i have everything set up correctly in preferences in ableton. I have tried re install, same issues. WTF i have a show on friday need help ASAP!

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    Dimas Satya Darmawan
    how do i update?
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    josh berry

    yes i need to know how to update because now i am having issues with my repeats on the scene launch pad wont work now...?? help??

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    Justin Terranova

    The left two columns of my effects dummy tracks just stopped working. any idea why?

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    ben wanicur

    How do we download updates ?  

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